Don’t be mistaken, this is ‘must’ furniture in the living room

Are you planning to occupy a new house or apartment soon? One of the things that makes you excited when you occupy a new place is to hunt for furniture to fill all the rooms in it. And the living room will usually be the main focus because this room is the first place that is seen when guests visit. However, what if your funds are limited?

You don’t need to buy a long sofa, but just provide one or two pairs of sofas with a size that is enough for two to three people to sit on. This style of seating is also suitable if you want to use a minimalist style in your home. Lights are one of the most important pieces of furniture because they can give a special impression, feel, and atmosphere in a room. You can choose a chandelier or a standing lamp which is usually placed in the corner of the living room. Choose a soft light, not too bright but also not too dim. What is certain is that the lamp must be able to make you and your visiting guests feel comfortable. For a minimalist look, you can use a coffee table that is usually placed on the side of the chair. No need for a large size, the important table here can be used to put drinks or snacks served to guests. The table can also be used as a decorative ornament. Place it on one side of the room then place a collection of books or a flower vase.

Carpets will give you a big impact on furniture and interiors in the living room. Plan where you will place the rug, whether under a table or a cupboard, then adjust the size of the rug. Choose a carpet that can be cleaned and maintained easily so that health is maintained. To beautify the living room decor, use chair cushions. In addition to the price which is usually affordable, you can freely choose what motifs match the theme of the living room at home. For example, if your sofa is plain, choose a patterned or illustrated pillow that matches the color of the sofa. On the other hand, if your sofa is patterned, choose pillows in plain colors.

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