Get everything set up and served

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When you are planning a large event, a marquee hire company can provide more than just marquees and furniture for the big day. They can provide a piece of mind in knowing that everything that you need will be taken care of professionally so that you have nothing to worry about.

get everything set up and served
They can include everything from catering to the kitchen equipment, and there are catering companies that will make sure that you have what you need no matter where your party is taking place. To purchase catering supplies on your own can mean a pretty large bill at the end of the day. To use catering hire can mean saving a ton of money and time no matter how many people are on the guest list.

A good catering company will cater to any event. From office catering to wedding catering and even home catering, they supply kitchen equipment and food catering so that you do not have to. In many cases they may even include tables and chair hire for the event as well.

10 Questions You Should Ask Your Caterer

Depending on where your location is and how many people you are expecting, you may need a few extra pieces of furniture for the evening.

Although there are some smaller companies that are willing to cater to larger events, there are those businesses that are better equipped to handle large party catering than others, which is something you should research when you are deciding on a caterer.

Catering companies in London offer many catering services for larger events. These include wedding caterers for those weddings that are too large for caterers London that are smaller in size as well as staff, such as restaurants in London that may offer smaller event catering.

No matter the size of the event that you are planning, however, there is an outside catering hire that will surely work to get everything set up and served for you and all of your guests.

Create magical events
If you are looking for catering equipment hire, or just caterers to serve what you already have prepared, catering London has the company that you need to make sure the job is done professionally. Party caterers provide more than simple catering jobs. They provide catering equipment, planning assistance and helpful ideas when you are having a hard time figuring out what to serve your guests.

London caterers are doing more than a job. They are catering to your needs as a host or hostess and helping you along the way when you get a little frazzled with the planning process. Make sure your day goes as smooth as possible and have someone else cater to the to do list that you have prepared for your next big event.

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Chair Hire London Options: Aluminum, Wood, or Resin Chiavari Chairs?

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Whether you’re a party organizer, an event stylist, a restaurant or hotel owner, or a catering service operator, you’re probably often in need of classic Chiavari chairs. These chairs are great for use in weddings and similar events. They have that ideal posh, stylish look and are cushioned for comfortable seating. Hence, all chair hire London-based providers are likely to carry various Chiavari chairs.

Now here’s the deal— Should you go for aluminum, wood, resin or Chiavari chair hire?

To know which would be best for your use, get to know each type better. Better yet, make sure to experience all of them in actual events!


alum chairIf you have limited space or the venue for the event is far away, it’s best to go for aluminum. It’s known for being lightweight and a good space saver too because of its stackability. In addition, it is recognized for its powder-coated finish, which can endure years of use and abuse. It also doesn’t rust.

Aluminum Chiavari chairs from your local chair hire in London will definitely be great for both indoor and outdoor events. They can give you your  money’s worth too.


wooden chairThose who want that added warmth and coziness in an event must go for the wooden type. It is commonly offered by a chair hire London people look up to. This is because Chiavari chairs made of wood are easy to repair and refinish, allowing companies to keep them intact and in good condition through many years.

These wooden chairs are fun too because they can come in various wood stains and patterns as well as in a huge range of colors!


resin chair hireIf you’re looking for very durable chairs, resin-made Chiavari chairs are perfect! They have a metal frame within that’s very strong and will ensure safety of event attendants. They are also scratch-resistant, so no problem about guests accidentally peeling off paint or causing blemishes on them.

This type is also good for indoors and outdoors. So be sure to ask every chair hire in London you’re considering if they have it.

There’s no “best” among these chairs. Just choose the most suitable for your event!

Chair Covers 

No matter what’s your choice gonna be for your event, whether you like the style of the chair or not you still can consider using chair cover hire options. A modern contemporary chair cover can turn your chairs into something unrecognisabily unique and stylish.

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Event Industry Trends Continue to Soar in Global Popularity

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event promotions

2015 was a banner year for event promotions and social interactive events. From concerts and team-building functions to philanthropic causes – countless festivals revolved around a myriad of burgeoning technologies.

This includes social media integration and uploads, along with shared WI-FI and live streaming to niche, core, and mass audiences. With the New Year upon us, the event industry is slated to grow by leaps and bounds. There are, however, certain aspects to keep a keen eye on when planning your next social gathering. No truer is this then when it comes to political rallies in this election year – which will be the base for numerous events and parties across the nation.

Content is Still King

Even with the new digital age upon us, captivating and compelling content is still essential. This includes fresh and gripping blog posts, which must attract and engage your audiences in a timely and effective manner. Digital content via websites and forums must also be easy to scan and digest. According to event planners and industry gurus – the “less is more” approach is vital in generating a lasting buzz about your event. This means any content you produce must be concise, precise, and to the point. This will engage your guests and patrons in an interactive manner – while keeping them on your pages and secure higher conversion rates and visibility.

Social Media Integration

social media integrationNo public or private event marketing plan is ever complete without social media integration. With over a million brands listed within these platforms and networks – it is crucial to keep using Facebook and Twitter to advertise your event or function. This generates a buzz about your event, while effectively attracting mass audiences and guests. The social media utilities are also great for posting the latest event news and videos, along with venue dates, timings, and especially live Q&A with potential and confirmed guests. The social media pages are also great for:

  • Setting up one-time or recurring Event pages.
  • Discussing any potential issues, concerns, or event related questions and enquiries.
  • Blog and website integration – a key element in marketing your event to new attendees while increasing web traffic and patronage.
  • Mobile integration – another key element in promoting your event to wireless, remote, and digital device users.
  • Live chats – group chats – the perfect interactive platform and forum for all your social events, family gatherings, reunions, concerts, and other festivals.

Mobile Marketing

With mobile marketing continuing to be all the rage, all your sites and blogs must be optimized for mobile viewing. They should also feature responsive web design, which allows content to reshuffle itself when accessed by mobile devices. While broad-based marketing is paramount, mobile advertising allows you to establish a strong online presence at the grassroots level. This is essential for any event planner, since it draws in potential attendees via local posts, citations, and even Google maps and testimonials. Without mobile integration, you will only be marketing your event to less than half of the web community.

Technology Sharing

Technology sharing also plays a key role in successful outdoor or indoor events. It will be up to you to determine bandwidth restrictions or access for guests using Wi-Fi to post pictures and videos while at the event.

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The 2015 City A.M. Awards

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award event

After all the continuous meetings, the wait is finally coming to an end. The behind doors meetings that involved calculations, both solicited and unsolicited debates and finally analysis. The long-awaited political event is finally knocking at our doors. The event is highly waited by both the political and financial world. The whole city will be all eyes to both watch and understand the consequences of this historical event. The statements hit back not to the chancellor’s statement but rather to the A.M city awards that will see to the most highly deemed financial and business participant to win this prestigious recognition. Many people around London and from other areas will flock The Grange St Paul to know who will walk away with the award.

The current British economy has with no doubt produced outstanding shakers and movers and it isn’t going to be a walk in the park for the judges to come to come out with the best winner of this event. All aspects of organizations from tech gurus to financial expertise not forgetting law to fin tech, this is the highly contested event.

The biggest highlight of the event, however, goes to the esteem judges who came out with the best of the nominees. The judges at the panel include Sir Martin Sorrell, Lady Barbara Judge, with a number of other judges that will be judging this highly anticipated event.

The personality of the year tops the highlights of the event tonight. This is because the individual is that one that showed a striking personality in both the qualities of leadership and success. However, this accolade does not have any strict criteria, and we have seen the likes of Nigel Wilson of Legal & General, l and the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson walking away with this accolade.

The next page of nominees has been drawn from a vast ray of professions, from property to sport not forgetting the telecoms and banking system. The diversity shows how Britain has evolved to the corporate world. A new line of champions will paint the city by Wednesday night.

The year has been a busy one with developments in new jobs and scientific innovations that have seen service delivery at the highest of its excellence. 2016 is just around the corner, and it is predictable it will be a year of thriving only if the development achieved in 2015 is for-wheeled to 2016.

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Caterers of school feeding programme warned against politics

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Following the recent strike by caterers boy courting the new government implementation of receiving payment via MTN mobile money.

mtn mobile moneyThe municipal director of education Mr Godfred Axolu, Nkoranza has warned caterers to stop politicizing the School feeding programme. He was at the municipal meeting and managed to meet with 25 caterers at Nkoranza. For a successful relationship and proper management of the programme, Mr Godfred Axolu advised the union to collaborate with the head-teachers of their schools.


The meeting was mainly for looking into how to solve the challenges facing the programme. It was to ascertain and come up with approaches that ensure that the main beneficiaries of the programme are the pupils. A problem was raised about the committee refusing to work with school head teachers in running the programme. He further stated that the belief that the head-teachers are not involved in controlling over them is a very wrong perception because the programme is national.

Hygiene was also an issue of discussion and Mr. Axolu emphasized caterers to ensure hygienic and clean environment to prevent an outbreak of diseases and epidemics. He emphasized hard work and caterers to avoid absenting themselves from work for that breaks work ethics and codes. He explained that such work ethics abuses can break up administration hence make the programme unmanageable.

Mr Blankson complained that he has visible evidence that most of the carters were not doing their duties properly and were not even going to their perspective school to monitor the cooks. Under such negligence, the food cooked by the cooks will not be up to standards. Because of the poor management by the caterers, he said that they will be held accountable in case an epidemic arises. The health needs of the pupils should be put above personal interest and monetary gains added Mr Edward.

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Catering services often include more than just food catering

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outdoor catering at wedding

Catering services often include more than just food catering. Wedding caterers may offer marquee hire, furniture, and even decorations in addition to catering the food for your event. Office catering may only provide food. The kind of catering services that you will receive will depend greatly on the type of party catering that you require. The difference in services may also be affected by the kind of catering company that you use and the catering equipment that is required to successfully cater your event. An outside catering company may have more equipment for big event catering, but restaurants in London may provide a more personalized menu and service.

Most catering companies will include marquees, tables and chair rental for a slightly higher fee. When combined with food catering, though, discounts may be available. Using this kind of catering rental has great benefits. Kitchen equipment is taken care of because they use their own, and they include many of the other catering supplies in the price that they give you. They often have more experience in larger event catering as well, so you can be sure that you are getting the service that you pay for. Often times these are used for wedding catering and other large events.

home catering
Home catering is when the caterers come to your home. This may be small weekly meals for older generations, or even a decent size family reunion in the back yard. This kind of event catering can make time for more relaxation while London caterers bring you your meal for the day. Because these are often smaller affairs, catering equipment hire is not really necessary. All that you need is the basics so everything is much simpler. Because the need for extra staff is not there and it will certainly take less time to prepare the meal, you have more options for catering hire. Even your favorite restaurant may be willing to help out.

When you are looking for caterers, London has many to choose from. It is always important, no matter what size event you are planning, that you make sure that your party caterers have the experience as well as the ability to take care of your catering hire needs. Catering in London does not always mean that you are guaranteed the best service, so you have to be certain that you listen to reviews from people that have actually used each particular one and then use your best judgement based on what you need. Getting overwhelmed can be easy to do when you are planning any event, and there will be times when you just want to hand over the reins to someone else, but preventing a disaster by choosing the wrong company will save you time and money in the end.

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Ensure that your event goes off without a hitch

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Event Food

No party, wedding or event can really be complete without catering. Luckily, a huge, cosmopolitan city like London has no shortage of catering companies with the skills and experience to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch. Whether you’re looking for wedding caterers, office catering, event catering or party caterers, you have no shortage of options.

However, like any other business, not all catering hire companies are the same. This means it’s important to do a bit of research before making the decision on which one to hire to cater your upcoming event. Of course, one of the first things you’ll need to think about is the type of food you want to serve at your event. While some catering companies specialize in a specific type of cuisine, such as French or Italian, others are more flexible and will work with you to help design a menu that fits your specific tastes and your budget.

tasting dishesIf you’re concerned about the quality of the food that will be served, many companies will offer you the chance to taste the various dishes that they have on offer. On the other hand, many restaurants in London also offer catering services. So if you have a favorite restaurant, it may be worth stopping by and seeing whether or not they would be willing to cater your event. This way you’ll be able to be more confident in your choice of caterer, as you will already have had a chance to taste some of the various dishes that the restaurant is able to prepare.

Another important thing to consider is the cooking facilities that are available at your chosen venue. This is important because it will help you determine which type of catering company you’ll need to hire. For instance, you may need to look for a company that offers kitchen equipment or catering supplies in addition to preparing and serving the food. If the venue has no suitable kitchen, you may want to hire a caterer that is located within a short distance of the venue as they will need to transport the prepared food from their kitchen to the location.

  1. Conclusion

At the end of the day, choosing a catering company isn’t all that difficult. All it takes is being willing to put in the time to properly research your choices to find a company that is willing to listen to your needs and deliver what you want. Catering hire doesn’t even have to be that expensive, as there are plenty of companies that offer more budget friendly options. Not all caterers prepare five star French cuisine, as you can always find companies offer more pub style fare. So don’t be afraid to seek out what you want to ensure your event is exactly as you’d imagined.

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